What is Automation?

Marketing automation takes the marketing processes you already have in place and automates them – for better efficiency, fewer errors and greater results.

How does marketing automation work?

  • You purchase one of Dreamlabs’ hand-crafted, industry-specific automated marketing packages. Each package comes with a series of email marketing campaigns that deliver valuable, interesting content specifically tailored to your clients’ interests.
  • Your contacts and incoming leads are imported into your Infusionsoft platform (which is free with purchase of your package), and each contact is connected with the email marketing campaigns most relevant to them. This way, they only get content that they WANT to see, not boring, generic messages.
  • Your leads receive educational, entertaining emails at pre-determined intervals of time, building brand recognition and consumer trust with every installment. Each email will have a “Contact Us” or “Schedule an Appointment” link embedded to make it easy for your leads to contact you when they are ready to take the next step.

Let’s Talk

Why we use Infusionsoft CRM

Dreamlabs works exclusively with the Infusionsoft platform for marketing automation. Infusionsoft is THE leader in automation and CRM for small businesses. Infusionsoft’s system is very user-friendly and houses incredible technological power that’s designed specifically for busy small business owners to use. Infusionsoft has been honored by many awards over the years, and continues to lead the pack in automation innovation every day.

Julien Descamps

Julien Descamps is the CEO of Dreamlabs, and considered one of the foremost experts in the digital advertising arena with an specific emphasis on Marketing Automation solutions.

Having built digital systems for some of the most sought after Medial Practices in the United States, Julien will personally be overseeing the scaling of your practice to help reach its true marketing potential:

“Dreamlabs cuts straight through the noise of unfulfilling and obsolete digital marketing agencies and delivers a superior result for our clients in the form of increased revenue to their medical practices while maximizing operating efficiency.


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