Read what the top surgeons in the U.S. are saying about Online Marketing.

“I think (Internet marketing) really appeals to the younger audience. It really is the way people get information, so I think you’d be remiss in not taking advantage of the Internet from a marketing standpoint.”

– Dr. Mary Shinn, Houston, TX

“Referrals remain our primary source of new patients. In the last few years, there’s definitely been a big component of Internet referrals that come through a search initiated by patients. I think the referral base of satisfied patients is not only the biggest source, it’s also the most satisfactory source.”

– Bryan G. Forley, M.D., F.A.C.S., New York, NY

“Younger patients especially use the internet or social media to find a doctor rather than word of mouth. My patients, many come via word of mouth, but younger clients come from the website and search engines. You must realize that this is completely new, but it is the future.”

– Dr. Helen Colen, New York, NY

“Now it’s all about internet marketing, which is very complicated. It’s tough to do on your own anymore.”

– Dr. Stephen J. Ronan, Danville, Calif.

“The most important thing is to educate the public in a truthful manner about what we are doing.”

– Dr. Michael Persky, Encino, Calif.

“It takes time, but I think it just boils down to being honest and good to your patients. That’s the success, I think. There are no other tricks.”

– Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Belini, Dobbs Ferry, New York

“People are reinventing procedures and naming it after themselves or finding creative names – making a small change in perhaps an incision or the placement of a suture, and therefore renaming an old operation.”

– Dr. Sheldon Kabaker, Oakland, Calif.

“These days, it’s real easy to create videos that explain to patients exactly what they’ll get with a particular treatment.”

– Dr. Nathan Newman, Beverly Hills, Calif.

“Now, everyone not only has a website but also uses social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Video is also becoming increasingly popular.”

– Dr. Andres Taleisnik, Orange County, Calif.

“I’ve certainly noticed a huge shift towards internet marketing with an emphasis on social media.”

– Dr. Edwin Pound III, Atlanta, GA

“Most people are getting all or at least a good part of their information from the internet these days, and I think that is the first place that people turn to.”

– Dr. M. Susann Bedford, M.D., Atlanta, GA

“Enhancing one’s appearance rather than producing radical change is the key to successful, natural-looking results.”

– Michael A. Marschall. M.D., F.A.C.S., Chicage, IL

“Certainly in the Bay area, most of the research done by patients is on the internet, be it going to Google, generic search or paid search.”

– Dr. Usha Rajagopal, San Francisco, Calif.

“The use of patient before and after photos on the internet and your website is also a big trend that helps patients make decisions.”

– Dr. Karen Vaniver, Seattle, Washington

“Everybody comes in the office, and I ask them if they know anything about what they’re interested in, and they say, “well, I looked on the internet.” Everybody has.”

– Dr. Robert Jacobs, M.D., F.A.C.S., Port Jefferson Station, NY

“I just launched a mobile website. I am also focusing more on doing interactive things like Facebook, and continually manageing relationships with nearby spas and salons.”

– Dr. Mike Majmundar, Atlanta, GA