Why Your Cosmetic Marketing Is Not Delivering The Results It Should.

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For those outside of our community it’s very easy to quickly get confused as to what the most important aspect is in terms of marketing your practice.

In fact truth be told you’ll most likely hear the same common responses from pretty much any marketing company you speak to.

But here is the reality of things…

Your marketing is only as good as the foundation it lays on. Much like it takes a foundation to build a house, your marketing should be the exact same thing.

Yet, for some reason or another, I always come across marketing companies that seem to shoot from the hip when it comes to making suggestions of how to best marketing a surgical practice, without really thinking it through on how to maximize each dollar that their clients spend, as if it were their own money at stake.

This is a huge problem in our industry and as a result has given our industry as a whole a bad reputation by leaving a very negative taste in the mouths of clients across the country due to bad experiences.

So let’s clear a few things up!

Yes, SEO and PPC all have a place and are in fact still very effective. BUT, what do we do about the traffic that gets delivered to you that doesn’t convert right away?

This is a very common scenario, especially in the cosmetic industry when patients have so many choices and are usually doing A LOT of homework prior to making a buying decision of who to trust and where to go for best results.

How do we make sure that you get the most return on your marketing investment without losing the traffic your driving to your sites to a competitor?

The answer lies in Marketing Automation.

These two words are foreign to about 99% of the Surgeons I speak to. The reason being that most of you have never been made aware by your marketing company that over 70% of the leads delivered to you are going elsewhere.

This leaves you to try and convert about 30% of the traffic that you actually get to speak to.

So how does marketing automation let you convert more of what you’re already paying for?

To start, every lead that comes to you is automatically nurtured. For those of you who don’t know what nurturing a lead is – think of it as a system specifically designed to give your leads all the information they are looking for and more delivered over an extended period of time through behavioral marketing.

These systems are designed to not only establish you as the industry leading expert in the procedure your leads are interested in, but also as a source of safety and certainty by delivering your future patients consistent information and suggestions on the procedures they are looking for over a period of time.

The more we can make your patients feel comfortable, and continually provide them value, the more likely your new leads will convert into a new patient for you.

In order to best facilitate this process we setup systems to nurture your leads into becoming more and more comfortable with you and your practice, making you the only logical choice when it comes time to choose the right surgeon.

Also this allows us to consistently be in contact with EVERYONE that comes your way via the marketing your already doing, without losing so many good leads due to lack of follow-up or doubt in their minds.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing automation, but should really start giving you some clear insight as to why this is the most important component of your marketing that you are most likely currently lacking.

If you would like to know more in depth detail on how marketing automation can grow your practice by 10% in under 9 months feel free to get in touch with me or visit our website at https://www.dreamlabsmarketing.com

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DreamlabsWhy Your Cosmetic Marketing Is Not Delivering The Results It Should.